Options for paying Medical Bills without Insurance


Time to learn how to tackle unpaid hospital bills, reduce payments and learn how to negotiate your medical debt. When the roughly 96% of Americans have less than a $1,000 in their savings accounts the last thing anybody needs is a medical emergency to happen that will undoubtedly incur high medical bill cost. A lot…

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Let’s Help Make the 2018 Version of You, The Healthiest Version

With the technology driven world we live in nowadays it’s no wonder why we are becoming more sedentary beings. Maintaining an active lifestyle physically seems to have gone to the wayside. Your health is a direct reflection of a thousand little decisions you make that mirror your lifestyle.   We are often better at finding…

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The 4 different type of Health Insurance Policies- HMO, PPO, EPO & POS

HMO or ” Health Maintenance Organization” requires you to choose a doctor in their network. You don’t just have the freedom to choose whom you would like or it will be considered out of network and you will pay 100% out of pocket which negates the benefits of your plan. If your primary care physician…

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Few Reasons Why It Makes Sense For YOU To Be Covered

Here are a few reasons below on why we find it imperative for one to have health insurance. Its never been easier to be able to purchase a health insurance policy. On top of the fact that the general public has never been as educated more so than now, on health insurance. It protects us…

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Options For Health Insurance Outside Of Open Enrollment

Women On Headset Americas Health Alt Logo

So, you missed Open Enrollment and are wondering how you can get Health Insurance now for 2018? The current Open Enrollment period just ended on December 15, 2017 for the 2018 Affordable Care Act plans. In most cases one would have to wait till the next Open Enrollment which won’t be till the end of…

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