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Private Health Insurance

Offering an array of options for any individual, couple, family or group plans. Licensed and insured with over 33 carriers nationwide you are guaranteed to find a plan or product that will provide for you whether it be short or long-term.

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Association Plans

Recently in the news, you've heard President Trump expressing that he likely will soon sign an executive order to allow individuals and small employers to purchase health insurance across state lines through Association plans which will offer more than affordable coverages to millions of Americans. These plans will be regulated under the same federal and state standards that apply to the individual market which will find you in compliance with the ACA(Affordable Care Act) and prevent you from paying a penalty on this year or next years tax returns. Which means you will save money all the while having insurance.

Ancillaries Plans/ and Benefits

Life Insurance

We are able to offer a variety of Life Insurance, Accident, and Critical illness coverage to suit all your needs. 

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Dental Coverage

Plans offered through Cigna, Delta, Rennaisance Dental among much more that cover anywhere from basic/preventative services to major oral surgeries. Plans Start at $35/month!

Prescription R/X Coverage
Depending on the medications and pharmacies we offer an array of discounts on several prescription medications among out 60,000+ pharmacies nationwide.
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